The Unknown Shore

The Unknown Shore, though second in the Waneva series, predates Locked Rooms in the chronology of the unfolding story. It finds Molly alone in Toronto in the years before her father's unexplained drowning. She has left behind her beloved Waneva Valley, radically cutting herself off from the family. Yet her relationships continue to follow the secret patterns she learned in childhood. As if in thrall to some primitive, patriarchal myth, she finds herself becoming the sacrifice at every turn, abandoned to the needs and ambitions of every man she meets.

So too Desirée Minnet, her childhood friend, has ended up in Toronto, determined to make her way in the shady underworld of the escort business. The two young women are caught up in a struggle for survival, with dramatic consequences neither can foresee. To escape, both Molly and Desirée must wake up to a sense of self not defined by external pressures, internal blueprints or fear of the unknown. The story moves through myth and memory, past and present, as if all were implicated in each event.

Waneva Books
Second Edition, 2007
ISBN 978-0-9698211-6-8