Write Yourself into Being

My writing course has grown with me over the years. It is an exploration of the creative process I call Write Yourself into Being, by which we come to discover our own voice and the stories we need to tell. We each have an imprint, a signature, a latent sound resonating within us, a landscape of images that we feel compelled to express.

The course becomes a journey over 8 weeks as we explore writing – from the basic process to the quest for our inner plot, characters, landscape, myths, dreams, poetry, and voice. No previous experience is necessary.


Tenaga History Project

I live year round in a small cottage community where families have gathered every summer for over four to five generations. It still retains that warm ‘welcome home’ feeling that it has had from its beginnings a hundred years ago. My grandmother raised her boys here, the elder born at the beginning of the First World War, my father following in 1920. I grew up visiting as a child, longing to live here to share in the special magic that keeps families returning year after year. To celebrate these traditions and to keep the memories of the generations alive, I am documenting the stories of each family with the hope that the chorus of voices will capture the unique spirit of this place.