Artists of the Gatineau Hills

A collection of two years of artist profiles from my weekly arts column, Artists of the Gatineau Hills is a celebration of more than 70 local artists.

Down the back roads, hidden in homes and studios from Chelsea to Low, artists are interpreting and shaping the world we live in – giving back the beauty that surrounds us, challenging us to look more deeply, to pause and connect.

How do they do this? What is this process by which artists become their art? What is it like to be an artist, to work alone and to find the means by which to produce a body of work that speaks to the human condition – how do you prepare yourself for such a calling? What are the influences, the perils, the epiphanies and the fears? Who would do this that others might be renewed?

And why the Gatineau Hills? A sense of place informs each one of these artists. River, sky, rock, pine – the hills are home to the creative spirit. An ancient land, an eternal spirit. These are our roots.

And these are our artists – the poets and novelists, painters and pastel artists, potters and sculptors, photographers, mime artists and story-tellers, musicians, song-writers and singers, classic guitar makers and classic guitar players, fibre artists, fashion designers, jewellery, glass, iron, candle, textile, wood and land artists – who populate the Hills, creating the unique art that makes this place such a mecca for art lovers in Canada’s National Capital region.

There is magic here. Come discover with me the fascinating journeys these artists have taken to be able to write the poem, paint the picture – to catch the moment in whatever form their hearts and minds can imagine. The Gatineau Hills are alive with creativity, as rich and diverse as the natural wonder of this ancient and magnificent land.
Waneva Books
First Edition 2007
ISBN 978-0-9698211-4-4